• Interactive Workshops October 2013 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2014

    When a new version of Vectorworks comes out, it is important to look at the new features and how they benefit you. Every year we look at what is new in Vectorworks and we try to look at how these new features can be used in your workflow. For Vectorworks…

  • Interactive Workshops September 2013 – Back to Basics Part 1

    It often seems to be a waste if time to learn the basics, but all professional athletes practice the basics. Some of the basic Vectorworks tools have several options. These exercises are designed to get you to use all the options and focus your attention on one tool at a time.

  • Interactive Workshops August 2013 – Camera Match

    Camera Match is a huge timesaver. Firstly, Camera Match saves the time that it would take to model the existing surroundings. Secondly, Camera Match saves the time it would take to match your current view to a photograph.

  • Interactive Workshops July 2013 – Customising Vectorworks

    Vectorworks performs really well, but if you edit the workspace and customise the arrangement of the tools and menus it will perform even better. Making these changes can save you several minutes a day and it can also make it more pleasant to use Vectorworks. Say you could save five…

  • BIM_SIG_025 Special Interest Group June 2013

    In this session we looked at two main topics. The first topic, and the one we spent most of our time discussing, was line types in Vectorworks 2013. The second topic was working drawings and how to stop accident removing information. In this topic we looked at design layer viewports…

  • Interactive Workshops June 2013 – Drawing Tips and Tricks

    Often, when I’m demonstrating Vectorworks, people want to know why I’ve used a particular technique, or how I speed up my workflow. I use a lot of techniques and I have been asked to show these. These sessions are the result.

  • Interactive Workshops May 2013 – Intermediate 3D Modeling

    We often talk about Building Information Modeling and the assumption is that we will be building a 3D version of our building. However, there are several objects that you might want to model independently because the standard Vectorworks tools will not create exactly what you require.  

  • Interactive Workshops April 2013 – Detailing

    These sessions looked at how to create details. Drawing your details is a major part of the Contract Documents, so we are looking at what strategies you can use to improve.

  • Interactive Workshops February 2013 – Animations

    Animations When you present your design you cannot be sure that others are thinking of the same thing that you are. One of the ways around this is to create images of your design, so they can see it from several views.

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