• SST_1110 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2012

    You may not want to upgrade, you may not be able to afford to upgrade, but I still think you should read about what is new in Vectorworks 2012. There are several important changes to 3D modeling that will change the way you think about 3D modeling. Amongst them are…

  • cadmovie761 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2012 Part 27

    3-Way Wall Joining. Joining three walls nicely has been a bit of a headache. Version 2012 offers an improvement, but it only works when you apply it at the time of the wall creation and not later on by using the Wall Join tool.

  • cadmovie760 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2012 Part 26

    Roof Framing. Many of the bugs that I reported in the Framing CPD manual have now been fixed. This means that when you now use the Roof Framer, the overhangs will be displayed correctly. As well as fixing these bugs, there have also been some other improvements.

  • cadmovie758 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2012 Part 24

    Slab Objects. You can now use slab objects with the Create Joists From Poly command.  This means that you can now create your building with slabs, and still frame them when you want to.

  • cadmovie756 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2012 Part 22

    Stairs. Because of the new story concept, stairs are now ‘story-aware’. You can select a stair to go between two different stories and Vectorworks will calculate the number of risers required to fit.

  • cadmovie754 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2012 Part 20

    Road. The road object has not been given a major overhaul but it easier to use. In the past, when you used the Roadway (NURBS), the view would change from a Top/Plan view to Top. Because of this you would loose all the 2-D information you required to place the road…

  • cadmovie753 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2012 Part 19

    Stake Object. When the tools were changed to have more information on the Tool bar,  the Stake object became a lot more useful. You can now pre-set the elevation of the stake before you place them.

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