• BIM_SIG_040 Architect Special Interest Group February 2014 (pm)

    Classes are very useful for setting up drawings. This session looked at techniques for using classes. Should we start the drawing with everything on the None class and then gradually add classes?

  • BIM_SIG_034 Special Interest Group November 2013

    In this session the attendees wanted to look at section viewports, using the clip cube to make section viewports, how to move section markers, and how to use class overrides in viewports. For this session I used to three-story building that I have used previously.

  • BIM_SIG_028 Special Interest Group August 2013

    Users in this session wanted to look at how to control the attributes of the objects the drawing. The short answer is  that you have to use the Attributes palette. But there are several options on the Attributes palette, which you have to understand in order to use it effectively.  If you…

  • How do the Class Overrides Work With Design Layer Viewports?

    I was discussing Class overrides with a client. They wanted to know more about the relationship of class overrides in Sheet Layer viewports and how they relate to the Design Layer viewports.

  • BIM_SIG_022 Special Interest Group May 2013

    This session was well attended and the majority wanted to look at customising classes and setting up a class standard. In a recent webinar I created some classes by using custom classes from my standard. When some of my users saw this, they wanted to know how they could quickly access…

  • SST_1301 – Layers and Classes

    Design layers and classes are the two most important organising concepts that you need to understand in order to create drawings in Vectorworks. I still find some users are confused about when to use a layer and when to us a class to organise their drawings. I use three simple…

  • epodcast169 – When to Use Symbols

    Symbols are generally thought of as relatively small repeating objects. So first of all you should use symbols whenever you need to repeat something, like sanitary fixtures, light fixtures, furniture, and so on.

  • cadmovie852 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2013 – Part 2

    Collapsible (Hierarchal )Classes – I am a fan of using lots of classes. Layers are where things are, so you tend to have layers for stories of the building or for structuring the file. Classes are what things are. This means that you have classes to differentiate different parts of the…

  • Layers and Classes – Part 3

    Storing a Layer and Class Standard – When you create a Layer and Class Standard, it is important to store it in the correct location so that Vectorworks can use it.

  • Layers and Classes – Part 2

    Creating a Layer and Class Standard – When you create a lot of drawings it’s essential that your drawings are similar to each other in the way they are set up, a standard will do that for you.

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