• Landscape Special Interest Group May 2018 AM

    In this session, we discussed revisions: when to make a drawing a revision, tips on file names, title blocks, adding revision data, revision clouds, and keynotes.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group October 2017 am

      In this session, we looked at exporting DWG files, ensuring that new classes have the visibility that you want, managing your saved view settings, attaching images to plant tags, and changing your Callout Tool preferences.

  • Architect Special Interest Group July 2017 (am)

    In this session, we covered how to transfer Vectorworks resources from one computer to another, clarified several points from last month regarding the Callout Tool, discussed how settings work together to create complicated objects in WinDoor, and answered numerous questions regarding windows.

  • Architect Special Interest Group June 2017 (am)

    In this session, we looked at creating keynotes and legends with the Callout Tool, working with details, and how best to modify the shapes of simple details.

  • Architect Special Interest Group December 2016 (am)

    In this session we looked at referencing a DXF/DWG file into a project. Referencing means that if the file is updated, it will automatically be imported when you open the file again. Then we looked at the callout tool and in particular, how to use it with the notes database,…

  • Landscape Special Interest Group July (am) 2016

    In this session we looked at modifying viewports, 3D textures, and creating callouts that use a database and legend. A large part of the session was not recorded because Jonathan mistakenly forgot to restart the recording at on point. The resulting movie is very short.

  • Annotation – Part 24

    Callout Tool, Editing the Note Database – You can add notes, delete notes and edit the notes in the note database.

  • Annotation – Part 23

    Callout Tool, Creating a New Note Database – You can create your own note database for the Callout.

  • Annotation – Part 22

    Callout Tool, Place as Keynote, With More than One Legend – Using more than one keynote legend allows you to group all the roof notes together, all the wall notes together, or set up ConDoc notes.

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