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Wrap-Up for the Year

Each year we look at the topics that we covered. These sessions are usually open to anyone. We look at the past topics and talk about topics for the coming year.

In 2021 we are thinking of these sessions:

  • Materials and how they affect classes. Maybe classes just for visibility how does this affect our libraries.
  • Plant tool and Landscape area 
  • Importing and exporting (dwg revit ifc)
  • Data visualisation
  • Virtual reality/AR/3D walkthough
  • Wall library. 
  • Layers/stories/split level/ many levels
  • Lighting
  • 3D course add to the web site
  • Energos
  • Guest Speakers – collaboration
  • Wrap-up
  • What’s new
  • Suggested Topic for 2021: Customing Door and Window components:  For instance, the typical VW window “style” makes window jambs, sill, sashes, etc that are solid rectangular “blocks”.  I use a lot of windows that are extruded aluminum sections (and not rectangular tubes) and I’d love to be able to make even the floor plan view of windows more accurate.  Is there a way to substitute more detailed profiles for larger scale details?
  • Advanced symbols 
  • Back referencing  and the drawing label 
Updated on December 7, 2020

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