• Vertical Transport

    There is a range of tools for creating Vertical Transport (stairs, ramps, escalators, and elevators). Not all these tools are available for every version of Vectorworks. For example, no tools are available on the Fundamentals workspace, Landmark workspace has some tools, and the Architect workspace has other stairs. Some tools…

  • Columns and Pilasters

    Columns are used to create vertical elements. Columns, obviously, and posts, floor piles, and vertical obejcts. Columns can have a base, a capital, structural and architectural components. They are powerful and should be used. Pilasters are like columns attached to walls, they are half a column. Columns Introduction

  • Floors and Slabs

    Floors are useful for creating horizontal planes (floors, patios, steps,etc.). Slabs are more complex, allowing you to create components and complex floors that include finish, structure, ceilings, etc. Floors Introduction

  • Sections

    What is a Section?

  • Architectural Modelling

    This is the second module in the 3D Modelling Course. This is designed to use the 3D modelling tools and commands to create a project. In this section you will learn about the workflow. We can apply the tools we have learned to create an architectural model. We can model…

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