• Massing Model

    Use the massing model to create the context for your project, the surrounding buildings. How to Create a Massing Model Using Massing Models With a Site Model Using a Custom Roof Profile Making a Massing Model Into a Symbol

  • Annotation Tools

    Center Mark Tool Center Mark tool for placing a mark at the center of a circle or arc. Hyperlink Tool The hyperlink allows you to create links inside your Vectorworks documents that will export to PDF files.

  • Callouts and Keynotes

    Callouts Placing a Callout The callout tool can be used to place a note with an arrow. In its simplest way, you can type in the note you want and have the arrow line go from the text to the object.

  • Layers And Stories

    Design Layers are one of the fundamental organizing concepts in Vectorworks, They are used to break the design into manageable chunks, but they should not be confused with Classes. Design Layers as well as Classes are used to create the structure of a file, these then enable the creation of…

  • Lighting

    Introduction Light Physics Color Temperature When you are using a normal light in Vectorworks you have the ability to choose its color. However, if you are using an emitter light, its color is controlled by color temperature. Without going into the physics, the hotter the temperature of the light, the…

  • Doors and Windows

    Introduction to Doors and Windows Door Settings

  • Rendering

    Document Preferences Vectorworks and Document Preferences Setting 3D Views Quick 3D Views

  • Marionette

    Marionette is a visual scripting language. You could think of Marionette as a recipe, similar to recipe for baking a cake. A recipe lays out each step that is needed for baking a cake; however, Marionette has to be instructed to do absolutely everything. For example, if you were to tell Marionette…

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