• SST_1810 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2019

    Each year, Vectorworks releases its new version. It usually has a huge number of new or improved features, and this year is no different. It can be difficult to separate features from benefits. Just because it is a new feature, it does not mean that you will find it useful….

  • Wrap-Up for the Year

    Each year we look at the topics that we covered. These sessions are usually open to anyone. We look at the past topics and talk about topics for the coming year. In 2021 we are thinking of these sessions: Materials and how they affect classes. Maybe classes just for visibility…

  • Archoncad Library Files

    I have been asked to share my library files, so here they are. You will find my main library, my default template, and my plugins. Template File

  • Space Objects And Room Finish Schedule

    Space Objects Space objects are a powerful part of Vectorworks and they are an important conceptual model of BIM (Building Information Modeling). The space objects are not just  a 2D or 3D object, they also carry information about the room name, the required area, the volume, finishing information, etc. Spaces…

  • Data Tag

    The data tag tool can read and information from an object and report that information in a live tag. For example, you can use the data tag to pick up the window number from a window object and report that number in a Data Tag. If you update the window…

  • Site Modeling

    A Site Model is a way of looking at 3D data (spot levels or contours) in a way that allows you to see complex information as a simple 3D model. You can only make a Site Model if you have Vectorworks Architect, Landmark or Designer.

  • Hardscape Areas

    Hardscape areas are great for creating paved areas in 2D and 3D. This means that you can create one area and make it useful for the plans and visualisation. Creating Hardscape Areas

  • Clip Cube


  • Property Line

    Drawing Simple Site Plans The Property Line tool makes quick work of simple site plans. If the sites does not have curves use this method.

  • 2102- Importing and Exporting

    Vectorworks has several options for importing information. these options allow you to import drawings from other computer systems, 3D models, images, PDFs, and other proprietary file types. This means that you can use the Internet to locate useful parts or useful models for your projects and import them into Vectorworks….

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