• SST_2102 Plants and Planting

    Introduction Plants It has been a long time since we looked at the plant tool. Users have been asking for an update, so this month we are looking at Plants and Planting in our webinars.  Plants can be placed with the Plant Tool and with the Landscape Area tool. The Plant…

  • Landscape Areas

    Creating a Landscape Area Landscape areas are useful for creating quick landscape budgets, creating concept drawings, or placing large areas of planting.

  • Introduction to InteriorCAD XS

    InteriorCAD XS is a plug-in for Vectorworks. In fact, it is a suite of plug-in tools. It does not come as a standard installation; it is something that you have to purchase in addition to Vectorworks. Vectorworks 2017 has a new Custom Cabinet tool that is a derivative of InteriorCAD….

  • Project Sharing And Referencing

    Sometimes, more than one person must work on a project—maybe the project is large or the deadline is short. Either way, more than one person must have access, whether the file is divided into parts and the parts referenced, or a sharing system is set up. Whichever way, it is…

  • Camera Match

    CameraMatch is a huge timesaver. First, CameraMatch saves the time that it would take you to model the existing surroundings. Second, CameraMatch saves you the time it would take to match your current view to a photograph. Many people think that they should only use CameraMatch for large projects. I…

  • Roofs and Roof Accessories

    Roofs in Vectorworks are powerful, but most users do not understand how much they can change and edit the roof. The purpose of this manual is to show you how flexible the roof is, and what to do in complex situations

  • Vectorworks Foundation Course

    This course is based on Vectorworks 2021. These movies are for you to learn the basic concepts of Vectorworks. If you are new to Vectorworks, these movies will help enormously. Watch the movie all the way through and take notes. Then move the course video to another monitor if you have…

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