3D Modeling Special Interest Group – March 2020

In this session, we covered how to use the Edit Subdivision tool to construct a 3D pool with a complex shape—today’s pool had a “three-headed monster” shape!

Topics Covered:

  • 00:07    We started by drawing three 2D circles, which we joined using the Fillet tool and filled using the Polygon tool in “paint pot” mode. First, for comparison’s sake, we turned our “three-headed monster” shape into a pool via more standard techniques: an extrusion, a loft surface as a cutting plane, a solid section, and the Shell Solid tool for thickness. We added water with lights below the surface and played with the water’s texture to try to make it more realistic.
  • 32:48    Next, we explored how using Subdivision modeling could give us a more complex shape. We found that it’s really easy to get “lost” when working on a Subdivision shape. We started with a circle, split it several ways, and pushed and pulled the nodes to get a shape that was closer to what we were looking for. It takes a lot of careful manipulation.
  • 42:02    We discussed whether the shape could be used as a site modifier and could give us the right cut and fill information. We converted it into a NURBS and then a generic solid, trying to convert it into an object that the Shell Solid command would work on—we wanted to add some thickness to it. Remember that adding shapes to the Site-DTM-Modifier class will turn it into a site modifier. We finished by adding a ledge, which could serve as a step or bench, on the inside of the pool.

3D Modeling March 2020

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