3D Modeling Special Interest Group – January 2020

In this session, we did a balcony expansion project that combined constructing with Vectorworks objects and modeling objects in 3D.

Topics Covered:

00:06    The goal was to expand a balcony that was bounded by walls on two sides and needed a glass balustrade along the other two. We constructed the walls, put in a barn door—a new feature in Vectorworks 2020—and built a drainage slab. On top of the slab, we added wood decking for the balcony flooring, along with a wood edge that covered each side from the decking down to below the drainage slab.

15:00    The balustrade was built out of glass panels. We showed how to make the panels and the fasteners before we mirrored them along the other sides of the balcony. I like to make the specific object I’m working on into a group, which makes it easy to get away from all the other objects on the Design layer so that I can better manipulate that object.

22:52    The balcony rested on a steel column, which rested on a steel beam that had a concrete footing. We could have built these objects using extrusions, but we instead constructed them with Vectorworks objects. The Vectorworks column lets you add a base plate and a base. Using Vectorworks objects can give you a realistic-looking section and Vectorworks recognizes it as, for example, a beam with dimensions and made of a certain material, which is handy if you’re making a materials list or if you’d like to export it to your engineer as an IFC entity. We looked at how to attach IFC data to extrusions so that they’ll export, too.

44:58    We finished the session with a quick walk-through on how I use the Extract tool, extrusions, and the Duplicate Array command to quickly create complicated cladding!

3D Modeling January 2020

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