3D Modeling Special Interest Group – April 2019

In this session, we built a bandstand with a curving, oval-shaped roof. The project allowed us to review 3D modeling basics, working planes, the Project tool, Subdivision modeling, and the Bend Solid tool.

Topics Covered:

  • 01:07    We wanted to model a shape that appeared quite tricky at first: a curving, oval-shaped canopy—it was going to be a bandstand roof. In 3D modeling, looking at the big picture can sometimes cause more harm than good. Focus on the steps or parts that you need to make the whole, instead of focusing on the whole. In a right-hand view, we drew the 2D shape of the canopy in section. After extruding the shape, we had a curving canopy. We still needed to turn it into an oval. The Project tool in Trim Mode made it easy—as is usually the case, 3D modeling is a breeze if you know what tools to use! The Shell tool helped us give the canopy a thickness, while adding a base and a heliodon improved the bandstand’s appearance.
  • 06:02     Next, we wanted to add some columns to the bandstand. We could have extended columns straight up from the ground to the canopy, but that would have been too boring. The Set Working Plane tool helped to make our columns more interesting—they actually were tilted in two directions—while the Project tool in Add Mode helped connect them flush with the canopy. We reviewed using working planes.
  • 23:04    We turned to the Create Seating Section command in Spotlight’s Event Design menu to work out how much seating would work best in our bandstand—we could fit 180 seats! We experimented with other table and chair layouts. Again, we were able to figure all of this out by breaking down what we wanted to do into chunks. 29:22    Bandstand—take two!  I had considered creating the bandstand using Subdivision modeling, so we went through the steps for building it with Subdivision shapes. There’s usually more than one way to create what you need in Vectorworks. We finished the session by having some fun with the Deform tool in Bend Solid Mode, giving us some very funky shapes!

3D Modeling April 2019

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