3D Modeling Special Interest Group – March 2019

In this session, we modeled a metal bracket, discussed how to get the threaded fasteners that you need, showed some key features for changing the look of fences, and did a solar study of an arbor.

Topics Covered:

  • 01:16    We wanted to try to model a metal bracket. Using the Rounded Rectangle tool, we created a base to work off of. We reviewed how to use the Automatic Working Plane and tried the Hole Pattern tool to see if it could speed up placing the screw holes. The tool didn’t drill the holes for us, but it definitely made the placement easier. We thought that the Deform tool might help us bend the flat rectangle into a bracket shape. It didn’t give us the shape we wanted until we used it in Finite Length Mode. Next, we wanted to add the bent grooves on the bracket. The Extract tool in Extract Curve Mode gave a curved outline to follow, but the Extrude Along Path command didn’t like it. At this point in a modeling project is when I typically ask myself if spending a great deal of time modeling this complex geometry is really worth it? Is the extra detail really needed so that the clients understand what I’m trying to get across?
  • 22:29    Next, we wanted to model a fastener. The Vectorworks tool set has various nuts and bolts. We found one that was similar to what we wanted. Again, you’re faced with the question: How closely do the 3D models need to represent the real-world objects?
  • 26:01    We covered how to save fence settings that you like and transfer those settings to a fence that you don’t like. Using the blue handles in Top/plan view, we could move the fence around. We added a heliodon to our arbor model so that we could conduct a solar study. When we changed our hardscape to a slab, the shadows appeared. The hardscape didn’t seem to have a fill—we discovered that there was a 2D polygon on top that was hiding it all! Once we were sure that our textures and shadows were working, we started our solar study by clicking the Solar Animation button on the Object Info palette for the heliodon. We went step by step through all of the options. I like to do the animation in OpenGL. Watching the movie, we saw that the table began to be lost in shadow from 2pm on. We finished the session with a discussion about the difference that it makes to render the movie in Final Quality Renderworks. You can use Cloud Services for long renderings and even create an augmented reality (AR) version for your clients!

3D Modeling February 2019

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