Landscape Special Interest Group May (am) 2016

Topics covered:

  • 00:20   Attaching non-graphic information to objects (record formats)
  • 00:56   using text along the path to create takes in 2-D and 3-D, using a polyline then reshaping the polyline with the reshaped tool
  • 09:29   modified by record command allows you to edit objects based on record information attached to them
  • 16:53   trying to use modified by record on plots to change the color of plants based on a record formant
  • 30:00   associated dimensions
  • 34:59   creating text styles
  • 35:53   select similar tool
  • 35:57   assigning a textile to a dimension
  • 36:21   creating a custom dimension standard
  • 38:05   suggestions on where to create plans and details so that your text, dimensions, and hatching is easier to create and visualize
  • 47:10   using the eyedropper tool to copy the attributes from one object to another

Landscape April 2016 am
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  1. Hi Jonathon – Just catching up on things. May’s not too far behind;-) A comment on this session, and probably lots of questions. I don’t think the Modify by Record worked on the plant because it’s a plugin object. Seems to only work on simpler things like shapes. We have this issue with the Property Line. Now in that case we’ve edited the record to make an enhanced PL that gives us enhanced functionality through reporting. You could have done that with the Plant record I think using the Plug-in Manager to create a more complete and targeted maintenance schedule instead of just using the Comments. But to change the appearance for mapping purposes seems to be out via this path.
    Our problem is that we want to change the appearance of an object based on area and we can’t get the area of a poly returned automatically. We can enter a fixed area manually (ugh) – and then repeat the action every time we alter the shape of the object which could occur dozens of times to hundreds of objects. Not a starter. The only way apart from scripting I saw was to use the Property Line. Brilliant! Except the appearance doesn’t change.
    My terribly ungainly solution is to have a set of selection scripts setting the ranges and 1 by 1 I shift the groups of selected objects temporarily onto separate classes. Would be just bearable if it was only 1 criterion I wanted to filter. Solution to that is I have many repetitions of each object which is a nightmare to edit and breaks a golden rule of only 1 incidence of each object in the file.
    Your thoughts?
    Also, I can’t seem to get the Colour Range function to work in Modify by Record. That would be brilliant if we had the record field being able to return live data.

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