3D Modelling Special Interest Group – November2014

image068In this session we looked at how you can use Automatic working planes and 3D symbols to make the symbols site directly on the working plane. We also looked at how to start with modelling a sink, looking at the workflow for creating a complex object. In order to create the sink we used the Fillet Edge tool, Taper Face, Shell Solid, Move 3D. When the sink is created, it can be made into a symbol to make it easy to repeat and easy to locate in the Resource Browser.




  1. Derek Fraser- 2/3D objects SIG Nov 2014
    fionaderek fraser
    To: [email protected]
    Hi Jon/athan,
    I’ve just been looking at Nov SIG 2014. At 3:00mins, regarding Neil?’s query about seeing a 3D object (The Landrover) looking good in 2D Plan View.
    James Russell (YouTube VWX 2013 D2A- Ep 4A), at 21:46- 23:04) seems to address this issue by editing a copy of a 2D Symbol to create a 3D Symbol, then dragging, in Plan View, the 2D Symbol on top of the same 3D symbol, then making a new 2/3D Symbol out of the two. The new 2/3D Symbol then appears as a 3D object in Isometrics, and 2D in Plan View.
    Does this answer Neil?’s query?

    1. Look out Neil, just remember that if you add the 2D part to the 3D symbol, you won’t be able to get the symbol to automatically rotate to the Automatic working plane. Another think to try is the Auto-Hybrid.

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