BIM_SIG_033 Special Interest Group November 2013

Continuing on with the multi-unit project. In this session we wanted to link 3 house files to the site model. As well as that, we want to be able to create a plan of the site showing the roof plans, and a site plan showing the ground floor plans.
It is tricky to create the two plans because we use Design Layer Viewports to link the plans to the site model, but then you lose global control over the layers you need to show.

The answer is to use a combination of DLVP’s and  classes. We had some trouble with Vectorworks 2014 crashing, but after changing computers we produced the required plans and sections.
Topics covered:

  • quick look at worksheet to count spaces for apartment areas
  • looking at the future work, it suggests that separate files would be better
  • layer names and stories
  • layer colors to help when moving walls on a multistory plan
  • how to set up layer colors
  • referencing types Design Layer Viewport or Layer Reference
  • creating design layer viewport
  • copying DLVP
  • creating layers to control DLVP
  • duplicating the DLVP
  • setting up the plan viewports
  • creating a section VP through the site plan
  • fixing missing layers
  • how to work out which layers are need in each DLVP

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  1. A very complex situation expertly tackled step by step. A very worthwhile session. Thanks.

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