Should you Upgrade to OS X.9 Mavericks

Last week Apple announced the new version of its operating system, called Mavericks. The temptation is to install it right away, it looks so cool and it has so many new features. But take care. I have been seeing reports from Vectorworks users that they are having trouble running Vectorworks 2011. To me, this is not a surprise. I still have one Mac in my office running Lion (10.7) because my software for manual writing will not work with later versions of the Mac operating system. I could upgrade my InDesign, but the last upgrade was only a couple of years ago and current version does all I want.

but the last upgrade was only a couple of years ago and current version does all I want.

I hear this a lot from Vectorworks users as well, and I do understand. But then they want to upgrade the operating system to the latest version and still have all the software work. You have to remember that when the OS changes, lots of things that make the software run also change, causing some software, like Vectorworks, to crash.
Vectorworks 2011 has been reported to have issues, but some earlier versions seem to work and the later versions, especially 2014, are reported to be working. I would suspect that 2014 has been well tested at Vectorworks because they might be an Apple Developer and have access to early versions of Mavericks.
My advice is to not change your Vectorworks or your operating system while you are in the middle of a complex or time-critical project. Read reports and the community board to see what others have found out about the new software.
Finally, have a backup plan. What I mean is, have a way to go back to a working version of your OS or Vectorworks. This could be another computer, a second hard drive that you can boot from, or a way to restore the older operating system.

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