BIM_SIG_030 Special Interest Group September 2013

In this session we looked at a complex roof and how to deal with it. The trick is to break the roof into sections and deal with each section separately.
Part of this process uses the old Fit Walls to Roof… command which has now been renamed Fit Walls to Objects…

Topics Covered:

  • using rectangles to draw the plan of the house
  • adding the rectangles together using And Surface
  • using the polygon to create the roof using the Create Roof…
  • editing the roof to create gable ends
  • in Vectorworks 2014 you can turn off one gable end wall without affecting the other gable ends
  • using keyboard shortcuts to activate dialog box options
  • creating the additional roof
  • creating a roof cutout using edit group
  • creating a stepped wall using the Create Stepped Wall… Command
  • creating a stepped wall using the Fit Walls To Objects… Command
  •  editing the height of the step wall using stories
  • using stories to create an intermediate floor level
  •  creating a roof that covers the floors, including the intermediate floor level
  • editing the roof slope
  • fitting the walls to the roof
  • inserting skylights in a roof
  • creating your own skylight symbol

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  1. a quick note: I wrote a reply, and was logged in but said I wasn’t and had to be and lost my reply.
    During the roof creation portion of the recording you commented that you could not select the gable end wall, and was wondering if there is a reason NOT to ungroup the roof, whereas you can select the gable end wall. Secondly, wondered why the gable end wall extended out to the ends of the eaves, which created the problem of them protruding in to the adjacent wall?
    Thanks . . . learned many things within this recording

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