BIM_SIG_009 Special Interest Group September 2012

This is the movie from the BIM Special Interest Group, September 2012, creating a BIM workflow, Part 4, setting up drawings using viewports and sheet layers. (morning session)

The previous BIM Special Interest Groups have looked at creating the information. This meeting looked at the setting up drawings, starting with the Site Plan and Floor plan.
Topics Covered:

  • setting up the layers, classes and stories before you start creating drawings
  • Rotate plan tool
  • Site plan viewport
  • Importing sheet layers from a standard.
  • Custom scales for a viewport
  • Editing class visibilities in a viewport
  • Editing class overrides in viewport.
  • Editing the crop of a viewport
  • Setting up a layer for reports so they do not become part of the viewport.
  • Creating a building outline using Create Polys from Walls.
  • Placing a Sheet border (title block)
  • Drawing Labels in viewports, rather than the Drawing Title
  • Creating a demolition plan
  • Adding demolition notes using callouts and keynotes
  • creating a floor plan
  • where should you put the dimensions and notes, in the design layer or in the viewport?
  • Creating a bathroom plan.

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