cadmovie780 – Setting up Layers and Stories for Buildings – Part 8

Setting up Layers – 3 Floors 2 Roofs – Setting up a project with 3 levels and 2 roofs is similar to the previous project with 2 roofs, you just need an extra story at the lower level.

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A user has asked for more information about the settings of the roof and foundation design layers. In this case there are two roof layers, and no foundation layers. You will have to watch the movie to see the settings and to hear my explanation for this.



    1. You should now find an additional movie that shows the setting out the foundation layer and roof design layers. I have added my reasons for why I have used the settings for these.

  1. Yes, this helps, thanks. But I’m still wondering about the foundation level. In my foundation level I have rooms. Is my foundation layer wall height the finished floor of foundation level to finished floor above or is it finished floor of foundation level to underside of slab above?

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