Special Interest Groups

Archoncad announces Special Interest Groups for the Vector-workout Subscription
Starting in February 2012, the Vector-workout Subscription will be offering Special Interest Groups as part of the subscription. The purpose of the SIG will be to have online sessions that are suited to a particular part of Vectorworks, and will generally follow on from the topics discussed in the workshop sessions.
For example the Landscape SIG would focus on Vectorworks from a Landscape perspective, so when we look at building your office library, we would look at a library of plants, or hardscapes, for example. If we were looking at libraries with the BIM Special Interest Group, we might be looking at how wall and slab styles can be saved into your library. There will not be a manual, but the sessions will be recorded and linked to the monthly manual, as the Beyond Beginner sessions are.
The Special Interest meetings will be the week after the interactive workshops so that issues raises in the workshop can be expanded in the group meetings, and explained with examples to suit that group.
Initially, I am planning a BIM and Landscape Special Interest Group. If these are successful, there will be more groups for 3D Modeling and others as they are needed.

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