3D Modeling Course for Vectorworks 2011

Are you struggling with 3D modeling in Vectorworks 2011? Would you like to unlock the speed and power of 3D in Vectorworks? Then this is the course.
3D is the really fun part of Vectorworks and if you understand the 3D area and the tools, you can create fantastic models really quickly.
This course will uses several exercises designed to show you how each tool or command works.

Session 1
We start at the beginning with 3D basics:
Working plans
Multiple extrusions
And how to break up a model into manageable chunks.

Session 2
Simple 3D modeling and complex curving shapes:
Add solid
Subtract Solid
Loft Surface
Push/Pull tool.

Session 3
Other 3D tools and concepts:
3D Primatives
Shell Solid
Extrude Along a Path
Creating a Surface from Curves.

Session 4
Architectural modeling without using walls or roofs.
This course is closely based on the first part of the Vectorworks 3D Tutorial Manual available from http://www.nemetschek.net/training/guides.php
See calendar…
Cost $120US (does not include manual)

Pay for this course with Paypal.

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