Essential Manual and 3D Modeling Manual Available for Vectorworks 2011

Great News! Updated versions of my manuals are now available for Vectorworks 2011. I have been working hard on these manuals to make them the best I can for Vectorworks 2011. Many people have made comments to me on these manuals during my online courses, and I have tried hard to keep all the good parts and make them even better.
I’m really proud of these, they are my best yet, and thanks to the people at Nemetschek Vectorworks, they look great as well. Thank you to all the people that helped me; Jeremy, Kathleen, Lisa, Steve, Roger and the others.

The Vectorworks Essential Tutorial Manual is the keystone to learning Vectorworks. I have re-organised this manual so that there is a better flow from knowing nothing about Vectorworks to drawing a simple building. Along the way, you will learn about the important fundamental concepts that make up Vectorworks. You’ve really got to get these before you can really fly with Vectorworks.
240pp, over 700 illustrations, 95 movies with 2:55:07 running time.
Price $75US

If you want to learn how to create 3D models, this is the manual for you. The new edition has been re-organized to show how to take advantage of the new planar objects in Vectorworks 2011. This manual starts with the basic concepts for 3D modeling, so you gain a full understanding of how to work in 3D. Then you start to use these new skills with projects so you learn how the tools from from one stage to the next.
182pp, over 600 illustrations, 56 movies with 1:59:38 running time.
Price $75US
The manuals still have all the parts that my users have come to expect. The exercises are there, the writing is simple, plain English and the embedded videos are still there, all completely re-made for Vectorworks 2011.
Buy the manuals form your local distributor, or get them here.

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